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Have you been hurt or turned off by “church” and religion? At THE REFUGE you will be loved just like you are, right where you are in life. THE REFUGE is a non-denominational community of believers in Jesus that believe we are saved by the grace of Jesus Christ and that He has a plan for our life.  We want to help people grow in their faith by surrounding them with the support and love they need to become informed, passionate, followers of Jesus.


We are seekers of the truth and want to offer you a safe place to come and find out who Jesus truly is; through His life and His word.  Do you think church is a waste of time, or you expect to get hurt by exclusive church people, maybe afraid of being judged or you have doubts and concerns about faith? If you fit into any of these categories, we believe you’ll benefit from a small community found at THE REFUGE.   


When you come to THE REFUGE you will notice a closeness and commitment to each other that’s hard to find in other churches. Not that we’re better... just different. We believe in loving not judging, we are not into the legalism thing and we strive to be more like a family unit than a business unit. 

you belong here

  • Anyone who longs to “fit in” and belong to a church family

  • Anyone who is seeking a relationship or deepening their relationship with Jesus 

  • Anyone who has been hurt by a church or religion

  • Anyone looking for a safe place to be you


Casual, laid back. Come as you are



We offer continental breakfast to anyone who walks in. Enjoy a donut or a breakfast sandwich with your cup of coffee before, during, or after the service


The messages are real, relevant, applicable and supported by God’s word. The goal is that you leave every Sunday challenged, encouraged, refocused and with a new perspective on everyday life


The praise and worship music is contemporary, upbeat and prayerful

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